My top 5 Spring Outfits

So spring has technically sprung! It still feels like winter over here…but hopefully some of you have experienced the beauty of spring already. Here are my top 5 go-to spring outfits to prepare you for spring!

1. Jeans and a plain sweater: the jeans can be ripped, black, denim, whitewash, or whatever you like best! Personally I love light ripped jeans, or very dark/black jeans the best. Pair your jeans with a comfy knitted sweater. I like white, pink, grey, and camel colors the best for this outfit. But rock whatever color suits you! You can also complete your outfit with a fun scarf and cute booties or sneakers.



2. Leggings and flannel/sweater: this is another one of my favorite go-to outfits that looks cute, feels comfy, and can still look fashionable! I usually go for thick, black  leggings, but you can try a variety of patterns and styles. I pair my leggings with a black tank top (plain or styled) and complete with a stylish flannel and sometimes a solid colored scarf! Or, I wear a knitted plain sweater instead of a flannel. Leggings are great to pair with a variety of pieces.
No Flocking3. Cute track pants: this outfit is perfect for lazing about in a fashionable way, going for a walk, or hanging with friends. I have a specific pair of go-to track pants- navy blue with pink and white strings. I suggest choosing track pants that aren’t too baggy for this outfit, because you want a semi-fitting look. I pair my track pants with a short, solid colored cardigan and a plain shirt underneath.

4. Yoga pants and loose shirt: one of the best outfits to wear when you want to be comfy but cute. I have a few pairs of black yoga pants. Some have patterns, but my favorite pair is solid black. You can wear a matching outfit or just throw on a pair with a lose hanging shirt (similar to the leggings outfit).


5. Leggings and a sweater dress/dress: you can pair your black (or any other solid color leggings or tights) with any length sweater dress. I have a sleeveless, royal blue, turtle-neck sweater dress that I love to pair with black leggings. You can then complete the outfit with a short jacket and scarf.

 I hope you guys enjoyed these outfit ideas, and have fun trying them out this spring! Remember, you are beautiful no matter what you wear. Follow me on Instagram for my latest ootd’s!

Amanda xo


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