Review | Rimmel London Lipsticks


Whether matte or shiny, I’ve been obsessed with wearing lipstick lately. I never skip this crucial step in my daily make-up routine, it’sprobably my favorite part! I’m just a lipsticky kind of girl! It’s funny because I used to hate lipstick, even a year ago. But I really got into it and now it’s a thing. I own quite a few brands, but Rimmel is one of my favorites for sure. In this blogpost I will review two of my current favorite shades!


I love the design and coloring of the Rimmel lipstick containers (above), aren’t they so pretty? So the two new shades I’m currently using are Crystal Mauve and In Vogue. I will discuss the pros and cons of each shade. The Crystal Mauve is shiny and In Vogue is matte.  Personally, I prefer the Crystal Mauve…the color is just so gorgeous and unique!


That’s Crystal Mauve! Isn’t it just so pretty? In Vogue has a different container, and the lipstick lasts longer throughout the day then Crystal Mauve. Another random and interesting point…In Vogue smells amazing, but Crystal Mauve smells like a typical lipstick. Strange, but interesting! Below is a swatch of both shades…which shade do you prefer? Crystal Mauve is on the left, In Vogue is on the right.

IMG_7540 [4836107]


When doing these swatches I noticed that Crystal Mauve glided on effortlessly, probably because it has a shiny finish. Whereas, In Vogue was very difficult to swatch. On the lips, they both glide well, it may just be an arm thing. But that’s why I prefer wearing Crystal Mauve more frequently rather than In Vogue, because it glides so well.

Well that was my Rimmel London lipstick review!

Are you a matte or shiny lipstick kind of girl?

Amanda xo




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